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EP 67: Bill Kristol, Editor & Founder of The Weekly Standard on the G.O.P. Primary

My guest today is Bill Kristol, founder and editor of The Weekly Standard and a political contributor to ABC’S This Week with George Stephanopalis. Just in time for the big GOP primaries in FL & OH, we talk about whether or not Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich have missed chance to beat Donald Trump outright. We discuss the possibility of a brokered convention and the prospect of an alternative conservative launching a third party run. Plus we talk about Bill Kristol’s 20 year career as editor of the #1 weekly conservative publication in America.

If you enjoyed this episode then go to to read Bill Kristol’s op-eds and subscribe to the print or online versions of The Weekly Standard. You can also subscribe to The Weekly Standard podcast on iTunes and follow Bill on Twitter at @BillKrystol.

Click here to listen to this episode on iTunes.

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