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EP 45: Fred Barnes & Mort Kondracke aka Fox News' "The Beltway Boys" on their new

In Episode 45, my guests are Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke. Fred Barnes is the co-founder and executive editor of THE WEEKLY STANDARD and Mort Kondracke served as the executive editor of ROLL CALL and former Washington bureau chief for Newsweek. For over ten years, they co-hosted the popular weekly political show The Beltway Boys on Fox News. Today they still regularly appear as political commentators on Fox News, and they recently teamed up to write the first ever biography exploring the legacy of the late Congressman, quarterback and self-proclaimed bleeding heart conservative, Jack Kemp. The book is called JACK KEMP: THE BLEEDING HEART CONSERVATIVE WHO CHANGED AMERICA.

According to them, Jack Kemp may well have been the most important American politician who never made it to the White House and in their words, he’s a model of how politics ought to be. We’ll talk about how Jack Kemp’s pro-football career influenced his leadership style, and how he became the backbone behind President Ronald Reagan’s economic policy. We’ll also discuss his crusade to help America’s underprivileged and bring African Americans BACK to the party of Lincoln. Plus Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke will explain why the new speaker of the House may be the natural political heir Jack Kemp, plus Kemp on Trump, the turn in Jeb Bush’s political fortunes, their thoughts on the CNBC Republican debate.

If you enjoy this episode then you can order JACK KEMP: THE BLEEDING HEART CONSERVATIVE WHO CHANGED AMERICA by Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke on Amazon.

Or you can get the audiobook of JACK KEMP narrated by Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke for free thanks to a special offer for our listeners from Audible. To get your free 30 day trial and free audio book of JACK KEMP, go to

Also be sure to visit THE WEEKLY STANDARD, of which Fred Barnes is the co-founder and executive editor, and ROLL CALL where Mort Kondracke served as executive editor and still frequently writes op-eds.

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