EP 43: Mike Pesca, Host of Slate's The Gist podcast

October 22, 2015

Mike Pesca hosts Slate's The Gist podcast 5 days a week and he's a weekly panelist on Slate's Hang Up & Listen podcast.  Before that he was a national desk correspondent for NPR covering sports, culture and politics.  He's won two Edward R. Murrow Awards for Excellence in Electronic Journalism, and he has a loyal following of fans who tune in daily to heir his "spiel" of the day.

Today, he'll talk about the House Speakers race, money in politics, and the filibuster.  Plus he'll go off on his one man boycott of Starbucks, The Tea Party and his disdain for the phrase "no problem."


Click here to download this episode on iTunes or go to https://itun.es/i6Sb4Zk


If you enjoyed this episode then check out Mike Pesca's weekday podcast called Slate's The Gist.  You can listen on iTunes or go to www.slate.com.

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