EP 143: The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein w/ CIA Analyst John Nixon

When the brutal Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was captured in 2003, senior CIA leadership analyst John Nixon was called in to confirm his identity and became the first person to conduct a prolonged interrogation of the man known as the “Butcher of Bagdad.” He writes about it in his new book Debriefing the President: The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein. Today Nixon recalls the surreal experience of debriefing one of the most notorious men of our time. He’ll discuss Saddam’s sadistic sense of humor, his personal heroes, and how his opinion of his fellow leaders in the Middle East. He’ll talk about Saddam’s delusional view of the US-Iraq relationship, why he thought 9/11 should’ve brought th

EP 142: The Hilarious Louie Anderson, Martha Kelly & Jonathan Krisel of FX's BASKETS

The hilarious show BASKETS returns for Season 2 tonight at 10/9C on FX. Today I talk with comedian Louie Anderson, who won an Emmy for his role as "Christine" on BASKETS, and Martha Kelly, who plays the brilliantly deadpan "Martha" on BASKETS. Louie talks about starting out as a joke writer for the king of the one liners - Henny Youngman, coming up as a young comedian in the heyday of the legendary Comedy Store, and getting his big break on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, plus he reveals which of his family members inspired his chactacter "Christine" on BASKETS. Martha Kelly talks about coming up in the Austin comedy scene, and how her BASKETS co-star Zach Galifianakis and Jonathan K

EP 141: The Cast & Creators of History Channel's SIX

History Channel’s new dramatic series SIX authentically captures the inside world of America’s elite Special Operations unit known as SEAL Team Six. Today I talk with the creators William Broyles Jr. and David Broyles and the stars of the show Barry Sloane, Kyle Schmid, and Edwin Hodge. They discuss the dangerous and secretive nature of SEAL Team Six’s missions and how it can put a strain on SEAL’s relationships back home. They talk about the psychological strength required of a SEAL, how the show creators’ own military experience influenced the series, and the grueling physical training the actors endured at SEAL bootcamp. SIX airs this Wednesday, January 18, at 10PM Eastern on the History

EP 141: Globalist Parag Khanna Calls for Technocracy in America

Leading global strategist and best-selling author Parag Khanna returns to the show to discuss his new book Technocracy in America: The Rise of the Info-State. On today’s podcast, he proposes a 7-person Presidency, replacing the U.S. Senate with an Assembly of Governors, and he discusses which cabinet agencies should be eliminated or combined for better efficiency. He reveals what countries like Singapore and Switzerland are getting right, what the federal government can learn from America’s mayors and cities, and why he says if you want to “Make America Great Again,” build a road. Order Parag Khanna’s book Technocracy in America: The Rise of the Info-State on Amazon. You can keep up with P

EP 140: Stephen Dubner of Freakonomics Wants To Tell You Something You Don't Know

Stephen J. Dubner is the best-selling co-author of Freakonomics and the host of the Freakonomics Radio Podcast. Today he comes on the show to talk about his new gameshow podcast Tell Me Something I Don't Know. We’ll discuss the origins of the Freakonomics phenomenon and his friendship with quirkly rogue economist Dr. Stephen Levitt. We’ll talk about the Freakonomics philosophy of why incentives matter, whether or not everyone cheats, and some the perils of exploring the hidden side of everything. If you enjoyed today’s episode then subscribe to Tell Me Something I Don’t Know and Freakonomics Podcast on iTunes. For more information, visit www.tmsidk.com or www.freakonomics.com. Follow Steph

EP 139: Brain Warriors Dr. Daniel & Tana Amen Share Tips for Better Brain Health

Dr. Daniel and Tana Amen are leading brain health experts and the best-selling authors of The Brain Warrior's Way: Ignite Your Energy and Focus, Attack Illness and Aging, Transform Pain into Purpose. Today they reveal how everything from junk food and cable news to smart phones and alcohol are eating away at our brains every day. They give some helpful advice about the foods and even herbs and spices that can give your brain a boost. They discuss what exercises and activities are not just great for your body, but specifically improve brain function. They talk about some of the secrets to fighting aging and reveal what has been scientifically proven to be the single largest predictor of longe

EP 138: Bradley Birkenfeld, The Swiss Banker Turned Whistleblower Who Exposed UBS Switzerland

Bradley C. Birkenfeld was a private baker with UBS Switzerland when he blew the lid of Swiss Bank secrecy by exposing how UBS, the world’s largest bank, helped ultra-wealthy Americans commit billions in tax fraud. Today he’ll reveal the dirty little secrets of Swiss Banking and how one would go about opening one. He’ll discuss how UBS courted wealthy Americans who wanted to hide their money, and then made it as hard as possible for their clients to withdraw from their own accounts. He’ll talk about UBS’s dealings with the brother of the world’s most notorious terrorist and the surprisingly cozy ties between UBS and Washington politicians that may have led Justice Department officials to th

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