EP 137: Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis

Greg Louganis is a four-time Olympic champion and widely considered to the greatest diver in history. He's also a champion of LGBT rights and today's Olympic divers. On Monday, January 2, he will serve along-side his fellow Olympic medalists Janet Evans and Allyson Felix as Grand Marshall in the 128th Annual Rose Parade. Today Greg will talk about his remarkable sport career and some of the hurdles he’s overcome along the way, including when the US decided to boycott the 1980 Olympics, his infamous head injury in the ’88 Olympics and how he came back to win the gold medal the next day, and his battles with HIV and homophobia. Plus, a strange encounter he had with Vice-President-elect Mike

(Rerun) AOL Founder Steve Case on the Third Wave of Tech

Today’s guest is the co-founder & former CEO of AOL Steve Case. In his new book THE THIRD WAVE: AN ENTREPRENEUR’S VISION OF THE FUTURE, Steve describes the third wave of the internet’s evolution in which the internet is going to be ingrained in every aspect of our lives and he talks about the business sectors that stand to benefit most. He’ll discuss the key factors that will separate the successful startups from the failures and why disruptive industries won’t necessarily spring up in Silicon Valley but all over the country. He’ll reminisce about the early days of the internet and the lessons learned as he took AOL from an idea that no one even knew they wanted to the biggest merger in busi

(Rerun) Comedian David Steinberg Talks Carson, Comedy, & Curb

My guest today is legendary comedian David Steinberg. David Steinberg will talk about how being part of the early days of Second City in Chicago, his 130 appearances on The Tonight Show (more than anyone other than Bob Hope) and his friendship with Johnny Carson, and how his appearance on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour singlehandedly got the most popular show on television cancelled. Plus David Steinberg talks about directing Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm, being bestman at a gangster’s wedding, getting on Nixon’s enemies list, and why he says I definitely should NOT try my hand at stand-up comedy. If you enjoyed my conversation with David Steinberg, I would highly recommend that you

EP 136: Are You a Risky Drinker w/ Dr. George Koob and Filmmaker Perri Peltz

Perri Peltz is a filmmaker behind the new documentary Risky Drinking. It's a co-producting between HBO and the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Today I talk with Perri and the director of the NIAAA Dr. George Koob about some of the signs that you or someone you love might have an alcohol disorder, the toll alcoholism can take on a person's physical and mental health, and some of the new treatments being used that go way beyond the traditional 12-step model. Risky Drinking airs tonight at 8PM EST on HBO. You can also watch it on demand with a membership to HBO GO or HBO NOW. For more information, visit www.HBO.com. For more information on alcohol disorders and treatmen

EP 135: Former CIA Analyst Nada Bakos Is NOT "Maya" from Zero Dark Thirty (Or So She Says!

Nada Bakos was a CIA analyst and the Chief Targeting officer charged with finding the godfather of ISIS and mastermind of al Qaida in Iraq - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. She’s also (according to some) the inspiration for the character of “Maya,” the CIA analyst in the Oscar-winning film Zero Dark Thirty. Today, Nada Bakos will talk about how she rose up through the predominantly male world of the CIA to become one of the agencies top analysts and the chief targeter of the most wanted man in the world. She reveals how CIA trackers finally found Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, how communication intercepts gave her a unique window on the power struggle between Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda and Zarqawi’s Al Qaeda in Iraq

EP 134: Middle East Peace w/ Senator George Mitchell & Alon Sachar

Senator George J. Mitchell was the primary architect of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement for peace in Northern Ireland and the U.S. Special Envoy for Middle East Peace. Today he and his co-author Alon Sachar discuss their new book A Path to Peace: A Brief History of Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations and a Way Forward in the Middle East. They talk about why the peace process has failed time after time, and they outline the specific concessions each side must make to finally achieve lasting peace. Senator Mitchell discusses the big differences between brokering peace in Northern Ireland and negotiating peace in the Middle East, and how the political constraints on the Israeli Prime Minister and t

EP 133: The Daily Show: An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, the Correspondents, Staff and Guests

For almost seventeen years, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart brilliantly re-defined the borders between television comedy, political satire, and opinionated news coverage. Now a new book called The Daily Show: An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, the Correspondents, Staff and Guests chronicles the show's behind-the-scenes gags, controversies, and camaraderie. Today, the journalist and author Chris Smith talks about how The Daily Show rose from a scrappy jester in the age of 24-hour political news to become part of the beating heart of politics and a trusted source for not only comedy but also commentary. He talks about the weirdly symbiotic relationship between Fox News and The Daily Show

EP 132: Michael Medved on The American Miracle

Talk radio host and author Michael Medved discucsses his new book The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic. He’ll talk about the idea of American exceptionalism, and why it’s about more than just ego. He says fortune has favored America from the very start, and he points to watershed moments like the Louisiana Purchase as evidence that a divine hand has guided the United States through her most troubled times. He’ll also talk about the responsibility that comes with that and his many years as a national film critic. If you enjoyed today’s podcast, then you can order Michael Medved's book The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic on Amazon

EP 131: Award-winning Author Deirdre Bair on Al Capone's Life, Legacy & Legend

Two time American Book Award winning author Deirdre Bair digs deep into the notorious gangster who ruled Chicago with an iron fist in her new biography Al Capone: His Life, Legacy, and Legend. Today she’ll share how she got unprecedented access to the surviving relatives of Al Capone and how their stories passed down through the family revealed the human side of the notorious gangster. She’ll cut through some of the many myths surrounding Capone including the famous baseball bat scene and talk about the Harvard Business School case study on his illegal empire. She’ll discuss the security precautions Al Capone took and divulge where the gangster hid out when things got too hot in Chicago. Sh

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