EP 88: General Wesley Clark on Vietnam, the Wars in Bosnia & Kosovo, and the Future of the U.S.

My guest today is General Wesley Clark. In his 38 years of military service, he served in various positions including Director of Strategic Plans and Policy during the War in Bosnia and NATO commander and Supreme Allied Commander in Europe leading Operation Allied Force during the war in Kosovo. Today General Clark will talk about the harrowing experience that earned him a Silver Star in Vietnam and what strategic mistakes were made in that war. He'll talk about leading the allied campaign during the war in Kosovo, his first impressions of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, and how Milosevich was evaded justice for his war crimes. He'll discuss how he rethought the traditional organizatio

EP 87: Parag Khanna Explains Why Globalism is Great for America and for the World

My guest today is global strategist, world traveler and best-selling author Dr. Parag Khanna. He's written a new book called Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization. In contrast to the demonization of globalization, trade and immigration that's taking place in the 2016 election, Parag Khanna offers a hopeful vision of the future in which global supply chains matter more than borders, resources are shared most efficiently, and the most connected nations and people will thrive. Today he'll talk about the fallacies of nationalism and anti-globalism, he’ll talk about connectivity and trade as the greatest force for world peace, and he’ll discuss how the future will be less a

EP 86: Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health & Head of the Human Ge

Today I'm talking about genomics with the man who headed the Human Genome Project Dr. Francis Collins. He is currently the director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. On the podcast Dr. Collins explains how genomics works, how it is leading to breakthroughs in our understanding of many diseases, and leaps in early detection and targeted treatment of them. He also discusses the limits of genomics and some of the ethical and regulatory issues that have arisen from it. If you enjoyed my conversation with Dr. Francis Collins, you can learn more about the Human Genome Project by visiting www.genome.gov and you can learn about some of the exciting new research going on at the National I

EP 85: Director Jay Roach Goes ALL THE WAY with LBJ

Emmy-winning director Jay Roach talks about his new biopic ALL THE WAY which stars Brian Cranston (BREAKING BAD) as President Lyndon B. Johnson. Jay Roach is the Emmy & Golden Globe Award-winning director/producer behind such hits as the AUSTIN POWERS films, MEET THE PARENTS & its sequel MEET THE FOCKERS, THE CAMPAIGN, RECOUNT, GAME CHANGE, and last year’s critically acclaimed movie TRUMBO. His new film ALL THE WAY (premieres 5/21 on HBO) follows L.B.J. during the tumultuous year when he assumed the White House, passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and staved off a revolt by Southern delegates in his own party to win a difficult re-election as President. On the podcast, Jay discusses his i

EP 84: Paul Wolfowitz on Fighting Dictators, Encouraging Freedom, & his Problem w/ the Term &quo

My guest is Paul Wolfowitz, former President of the World Bank, Deputy Secretary of Defense, and Ambassador to Indonesia. Today the world’s most famous neoconservative will tell us why he doesn’t like the term neocon. He'll talk about how his hatred of dictators and the teachings of Leo Strauss have shaped his own political philosophy, and how that has led to a lifelong passion for promoting freedom and combatting corruption as the first step to ending global poverty and preventing wars. Ambassador Wolfowitz will discuss both U.S. conflicts in Iraq and how Saddam Hussein's cynical manipulation of Iraqi Islamists may have inadvertently lead to ISIS. He will discuss his time as Ambassador

EP 83: Campaign Advance Man Josh King on White House Stagecraft, Photo-Ops Gone Bad & the "

My guest Josh King is a master of political optics. He is the former White House director of production for presidential events under President Bill Clinton. He has a new book called OFF SCRIPT: AN ADVANCE MAN’S GUIDE TO WHITE HOUSE STAGECRAFT, CAMPAIGN SPECTACLE, AND POLITICAL SUICIDE. Today he talks about some of the most infamous political blunders caught on camera including the infamous Dukakis in the tank image and his experience on the ill-fated Dukakis campaign. He’ll discuss how advance teams create memorable campaign events, how the best planned photo-op can backfire, why no President EVER wears a hat, and the pitfalls of political optics in the age of social media, including how to

EP 82: Vicente Fox on Trump, Trade & The Wall

In his frankest interview yet, former Mexican President Vicente Fox pulls no punches about the man he calls a “false prophet." It was recorded the same week as his apology to Donald Trump, and President Fox strike a very different tone,doubling down on his statement "I'm not going to pay for the f-ing wall" and adding "and please don’t take out the f-ing full word." Vicente Fox compares the man he calls the "hated gringo" and "ugly American" to Latin American dictators like Hugo Chavez and Juan Peron. He also warns that if Trump starts a trade war, then Mexico could retaliate by stopping or limiting money transfers and remittances for US corporations and American tourists in Mexico. Becau

EP 81: Disaster Response w/ Steve McAndrew, Head of Emergency Operations for the International Red C

Today’s guest is Steven McAndrew, Head of Emergency Operations for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. He's been on the front lines of some of the biggest disasters in recent history including earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, super-typhoons, disease outbreaks, and violent conflicts. He'll talk about what it's like to snap into action, coordinate a disaster response, and mobilize his teams every passing hour can be the difference between life and death. He'll talk about his work leading the Red Cross response to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and what that taught him about the importance of information/education and the potential for a global pandemic. Plus he'll sha

EP 80: AOL Co-founder Steve Case on the Internet's Third Wave

Today’s guest is the co-founder & former CEO of AOL Steve Case. In his new book THIRD WAVE: AN ENTREPRENEUR’S VISION OF THE FUTURE, Steve describes the third wave of the internet’s evolution in which the internet is going to be ingrained in every aspect of our lives and he talks about the business sectors that stand to benefit most. He’ll discuss the key factors that will separate the successful startups from the failures and why disruptive industries won’t necessarily spring up in Silicon Valley but all over the country. He’ll reminisce about the early days of the internet and the lessons learned as he took AOL from an idea that no one even knew they wanted to the biggest merger in business

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