EP 72: Innovation Expert Alec Ross on the Industries of the Future

Today I’m learning about the innovations that will drive the next industrial revolution with my guest Alec Ross, author of the best-selling book THE INDUSTRIES OF THE FUTURE. Alec served for four years as Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, acting as the diplomatic lead on a range of issues including cybersecurity, Internet Freedom, disaster response, and the use of network technologies in conflict zones. Now he’s a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Johns Hopkins University and works as an advisor to investors, corporations, and government leaders. Alec Ross will reveal the specific fields that will most shape our economic future, and examine pressing issues

EP 71: War Correspondent Michael Ware on the War in Iraq & the Birth of ISIS

My guest today is Australian journalist Michael Ware. He’s a former Bagdad Bureau chief for Time Magazine and war correspondent for CNN. In 2003 Michael Ware arrived in Baghdad as a novice reporter on a three-week assignment to cover the invasion of Iraq. He left seven years later, having gained unprecedented access to the Iraqi insurgency and American troops and scarred by having seen the unimaginable brutality of the group that eventually became ISIS. Now his story is told in a new documentary called ONLY THE DEAD SEE THE END OF THE WAR that airs Monday, March 28, at 9PM Eastern on HBO. On the podcast, Michael Ware talks about the time he was kidnapped and nearly beheaded by Al Qaeda in Ir

EP 70: Futurist Dr. Michio Kaku On Amazing Inventions Coming In Our Lifetime (Part 2)

Today in Part 2 of my interview with theoretical physicist and futurist Dr. Michio Kaku, we look as some of the incredible advances in science and technology that will radically transform our lives within our lifetime. In many cases, these inventions are already in the testing phase and may be widely available within the next 5 to 10 years. These include computers that will fit into a contact lens, Iron Man-like super soldiers, modular robots, liquid biopsies that will detect cancer 10 years before a tumor forms, replaceable human organs, hand-held MRI machines, recording motion pictures of our dreams, uploading information into our brain, downloading our entire consciousness onto a compute

EP 69: Theoretical Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku on Einstein, Gravity Waves, and the Science of Future (

My guest today is world renowned theoretical physicist, futurist, best-selling author, and popularizer of science Dr. Michio Kaku. He is the co-founder of string field theory and he continues to work on his ambitious mission to complete Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory a.k.a. Einstein's Theory of Everything. Today he'll talk about his work on the Unified Field Theory, he'll discuss how the recent discovery of Einstein's Gravitation Waves will give scientists "a window into creation," and how his lifelong love of theoretical physics and the science of the future began. He'll reveal the real science that may one day make science fiction wonders like force fields, time machines, starsh

EP 68: Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine on Reviving America

My guest today is Steve Forbes is chairman and editor-in-chief of Forbes Media. He’s authored or co-authored 4 books including his most recent one titled REVIVING AMERICA: HOW REPEALING OBAMACARE, REPLACING THE TAX CODE, AND REFORMING THE FED WILL RESTORE HOPE AND PROSPERITY. Steve Forbes discusses the tragic irony of a healthcare system caters to the insurance companies, employers and big government while all but ignoring the needs of the end user. He’ll reveal how one of the unintended consequences of Obamacare is that it’s forcing many Americans to take charge of their own healthcare and paving the way for a true healthcare market that put the needs of consumers first. He also makes the c

EP 67: Bill Kristol, Editor & Founder of The Weekly Standard on the G.O.P. Primary

My guest today is Bill Kristol, founder and editor of The Weekly Standard and a political contributor to ABC’S This Week with George Stephanopalis. Just in time for the big GOP primaries in FL & OH, we talk about whether or not Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich have missed chance to beat Donald Trump outright. We discuss the possibility of a brokered convention and the prospect of an alternative conservative launching a third party run. Plus we talk about Bill Kristol’s 20 year career as editor of the #1 weekly conservative publication in America. If you enjoyed this episode then go to www.weeklystandard.com to read Bill Kristol’s op-eds and subscribe to the print or online versions of The Weekly Stan

EP 66: Debunking Conspiracy Theories w/ Dr. Michael Shermer, Editor of Skeptic Magazine

On this episode, we tackle that special breed of whacko known as the conspiracy theorist. You've probably encountered them at a cocktail party or on your social media. They're the ones who are always carrying on about the JFK assassination or Obama's birth certificate and they say things like "that's exactly what THEY want you to believe" or "you have to connect the dots." The problem is that in most instances they're connecting "dots" that aren't there and fueling ignorance, irrationality and paranoia. My guest today is an expert at dispelling such nonsense. He's Dr. Michael Shermer, founder & publisher of Skeptic Magazine. He also writes a monthly column for Scientific American and he

EP 65: General Michael Hayden, Former Head of the CIA & NSA

General Michael Hayden is the only person in U.S. history to have served as head of both the CIA and the NSA. General Hayden served as the Director of the National Security Agency from 1999 to 2005 where he implemented a dramatic overhaul and expansion of the agency in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks. He later serves as America's first Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and then as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency under President George W. Bush. General Hayden has written a new book called PLAYING TO THE EDGE: AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE IN THE AGE OF TERROR. On the podcast, General Michael Hayden will give a frank assessment of the intelligence failures leading

EP 64: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Political Cartoonist Michael Ramirez

My guest today is two time Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative political cartoonist Michael Ramirez. His cartoons appear daily in Investor's Business Daily where he serves as co-editor, and his work is syndicated in over 550 newspapers and magazines. He'll talk about what makes good political satire, what’s fair game and when is "too soon." Plus we’ll discuss the very first political cartoon that he drew in college, how President Obama has been a gift comedy gods, and how one innocent drawing led to a not so friendly visit from the Secret Service. If you enjoy this episode, you view Michael Ramirez's work each day in Investor's Business Daily at www.investors.com/cartoons. Follow him on T

EP 63: Donald Rumsfeld On Modernizing The Military, Saddam Hussein, Snowflakes & Churchill Solit

My guest is former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. In his remarkable 50 year career, he has served as a U.S. Congressman, Director of the Office Economic Opportunity and U.S. Ambassador to NATO under President Richard Nixon, White House Chief of Staff to President Gerald Ford, Special Middle East Envoy for President Ronald Reagan, and Secretary of Defense...both for Presidents Gerald Ford and George W. Bush. In fact, Donald Rumsfeld has the distinction of being both the youngest and the oldest Secretary of Defense. Today he comes on the show to talk about the his amazing career, the current state of national defense, and the "unknown knowns" that America might be missing. Plus he'll

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