EP 56: Senators Trent Lott & Tom Daschle on Fixing the Partisan Divide in Washington

For 10 years The Senate Majority Leader office traded hands between Senators Tom Daschel (a Democrat) and Trent Lott (a Republican). As the leaders of their respective parties in the U.S. Senate, Senator Lott and Senator Daschle often found themselves on opposite sides of an issue, but they kept things moving in the Senate and got things done for the American people by working together, showing mutual respect, and engaging in that four letter word-compromise. Today they say that the unwillingness to reach across the aisle and find common ground has gotten so ugly and divisive that it has nearly stalled the entire legislative process. They write about it in their new book, CRISIS POINT: WHY

EP 55: Congressman Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee

As Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Congressman Michael McCaul has looked into the dark minds of America’s enemies and their most diabolical plans. In his new book FAILURES OF IMAGINATION: THE DEADLIEST THREATS TO OUR HOMELAND AND HOW TO THWART THEM, he lays out 8 horrifying scenarios for how terror groups and hostile nations might attempt to attack the U.S. The scariest part of it all is that these nightmarish situations are largely based on real intel about past, present and potential threats. On today’s episode, we discuss everything from a North Korean cyber-attack on U.S. financial markets to terrorists releasing smallpox at Disney World or detonating a radiological

EP 54: Criminal Justice Reform w/ guests Senator Rob Portman, Julie Stewart, & Jeff Smith

In today's episode, I explore the areas where America's prisons are failing society and the growing call for sensible, results-based criminal justice reform. My guests are Senator Rob Portman, author of the Second Chance Act, Julie Stewart president of Families Against Mandatory Minimums, and Jeff Smith, author of Mr. Smith Goes to Prison: What Me Year Behind Bars Taught Me About America's Prison Crisis. In the first part, Jeff Smith will recount his eye-opening year in federal prison, and what he saw personally about how the prison system is failing to rehabilitate criminals, destroying families, and in many ways, financially crippling the most vulnerable Americans. Then I'll talk with Ju

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