EP 53: Daniel Pipes, President of the Middle East Forum on Radical Islam

My guest today is one of the leading scholars on the Middle East and Middle East history. He's Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum and publisher of Middle East Quarterly. Prior to that he was appointed to the Board of the U.S. Insitute for Peace by President George W. Bush, and he served as director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute. He says it is Islamists, not Muslims, who represent an existential threat to Israel and the West. He says America should support moderate Muslims and reform in the Middle East, but he also says that real change will come from a brewing ideological civil war between moderate Muslims and radical Islamists who promote Sharia law and the goal

EP 52: Rich Lowry, Editor of National Review on William F. Buckley, Trump as Jacksonian, Hashtag Her

In 1955, a 30-year-old conservative intellectual named William F. Buckley Jr. founded National Review magazine. Since then it has become the most widely read and influential magazine for conservative news, commentary, and opinion. In honor of the 60th Anniversary of National Review, my guest is editor of National Review Rich Lowry. You've also seen him as a regular political commentator on Fox News, The McGlaughlin Group, and NBC'S Meet the Press. On the podcast, we talk about his late mentor William F. Buckley Jr., National Review's role in the the future of the conservative movement, and his first job out of college working as a research assistant for Dr. Charles Krauthammer. Rich Lowry

EP 51: Garry Kasparov Warns That Vladimir Putin Is the Enemy of the Free World

My guest today is the Garry Kasparov. For 20 years he was the World Chess Champion and is widely considered to the greatest chess master of all time. Then in 2005, he retired from chess to become a political activist in his native country of Russia. He has since become the most vocal and high profile critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In 2008, he even ran for President against Putin’s hand-picked successor Dimitri Medvedev until being forced out of the election due to rampant corruption and election fraud by pro-Putin forces in Russia. Today Garry Kasparov is in self-imposed exile in New York, where he serves as chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and continues to call for refor

EP 50: Karl Rove on William McKinley & Why the 1896 Election Still Matters

This is officially the 50th episode of KickAss Politics, and we’re celebrating with Karl Rove! He’s a Fox News political contributor and writes a weekly op-ed for the Wall Street Journal. He was the Senior Advisor to the President George W. Bush and Deputy White House Chief of Staff. As Bush’s chief political strategist, Karl Rove masterminded the successful Bush/Cheney campaigns in 2000 and 2004 as well as the historic 2002 midterm election earning him the nickname “The Architect.” Today he comes on the podcast to talk about his new book THE TRIUMPH OF WILLIAM MCKINLEY: WHY THE ELECTION OF 1896 STILL MATTERS. We talk about why 1896 was a crucial turning point for America, how the McKinl

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