Episode 10: Bonus - 9 Lessons in Leadership from Nelson Mandela

In the previous episode, I touched on a few of the qualities that set Nelson Mandela apart from other revolutionaries of his era. A great deal can be learned from studying his example. In this short bonus episode, I’ll discuss 9 specific principles and attributes that made Nelson Mandela truly one of the greatest leaders of the 20th Century. Click here to listen to the full podcast episode. Choose service over self - As a young lawyer, Nelson Mandela took the cases that no one else wanted, representing victims of racial discrimination and brutality. These clients could rarely afford to pay and his advocacy on their behalf led the apartheid-era government to nearly destroy his law practi

Episode 9: African-Americans Deserve A Nelson Mandela, Not an Al Sharpton

In my recent interview with Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin, we discussed her experience as a journalist in South Africa covering the end of apartheid and the release of Nelson Mandela after 27 years in prison. Our conversation inspired me dedicate an entire episode to Nelson Mandela. He was a man of remarkable personal strength, wisdom and humility who represented the very best of the human spirit. Sadly though, Mandela's memory serves as a stark contrast to many of the so called "leaders" in today's African-American community today. It's Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so in the wake of the Ferguson riots and recent violence against police, I'll ask where are the civil rights heroe

Episode 7: Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn on FDA Regulation of Mobile Health and Fitness Apps

Mobile health and fitness apps (also known as m-health apps) have become a $20 billion business. They allow you track your excercise and nutrition, improve your sleep habits, monitor your heart rate, look up symptoms, and perform a myriad other functions to keep Americans healthy and fit. But now the FDA may want to assert regulatory authority over m-health apps which could hurt consumers and slow innovative, live-saving new technology down to a trickle. What's worse, under the 3% medical device tax created to pay for Obamacare, consumers could end up getting taxed both then they download a new m-health app and potentially even every time they download an update to the app. Congresswoman

Episode 8: Bonus - 9 New M-health Apps That You Need to Download NOW

In the last episode, I talked with Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn about how the FDA is seeking regulatory authority over the $4billion mobile health app industry. In Episode 8, I share with you a few of the most interesting and useful health and fitness apps to come out in the past year. Click here to listen to the full podcast episode. 1. Glow - This app allows women to track their fertility cycle and then it recommends the best time to conceive and provides customized advice on how to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Since the app debuted last year, Glow already claims to have helped over 1000 women conceive. 2. Nike Training - This one is a fitness app designed for female us

Episode 6: Fox News Pentagon Correspondent Jennifer Griffin

I want to thank Fox News Pentagon Correspondent Jennifer Griffin for joining me for an interview at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. In episode 6, Jennifer talks about her time as a young journalist covering the end of apartheid for the only black owned newspaper in South Africa at the time, her personal insight into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as someone who reported from Jerusalem for many years, her experience reporting from various war zones over the years, battling stage 3 breast cancer, and the national security concerns that keep her up at night. Here is a link to the podcast episode on iTunes.

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